Registration of Alternative Practitioners - RAB

Here you will find information about the Danish RAB registration system for alternative practitioners.

Approval from the Danish National Board of Health

The RAB registration system is a Danish registration arrangement administered by the professional alternative organizations in Denmark. The objective of the registration system is to consolidate the security of users of alternative therapies.

Trade associations for alternative practitioners can apply the Danish National Board of Health for an approval to become an association responsible for registration.

Once an association has been appointed, its members can apply for permission to use the protected title “Registered Alternative Practitioner” (RAB).

This does not imply any form of validation from the Danish National Board of Health neither of the alternative therapies nor of the practitioners.

What is a RAB-Practitioner?

A registered alternative practitioner (RAB-practitioner) is an alternative practitioner, who meets some standard requirements for education and clinical practice.

A RAB-practitioner is a member of a Danish trade association for alternative practitioners, which the Danish National Board of Health has appointed to register alternative practitioner according to the RAB system.

Improved Possibilities for Client Complaints

The RAB system provides improved possibilities for client complaints.

An association can be appointed as responsible for registration only if the association has a complaints body, which users can approach with complaints relating to treatments performed by members of the association.

Approved Associations

Contact the Danish National Board of Health for information on the trade associations for alternative practitioners approved as associations responsible for registration.

The approval covers among others these areas:

  • Acupuncture
  • Applied kinesiology
  • Massage
  • Reflexology

The Danish National Board of Health