CAM research in Denmark

For many years, CAM research in Denmark was carried out by small groups of dedicated people outside universities, mostly working con amore or through small grants from private foundations. Some researchers experienced problems when wishing to continue with their conventional medical career development.

In 2000, The Knowledge & Research Centre for Alternative Medicine (Vifab) was established by the Danish government, after years of pressure from CAM researchers, NGO’s and CAM practitioners. But in 2012 it was closed down, due to public savings.

In 2004, the government decided to encourage universities to initiate CAM research via additional Vifab grants. Total amount: 10 mill DKK. (the condition for being eligible were that the researchers would find resources for co-financing in equal amounts).

The task was to establish large multidisciplinary groups and set up a scientific framework and a research programme - with a focus on the clinical effects of CAM. Two groups were funded, and their activities are described in this section about research:

  • Centre for Research in Existence and Society, KUFAB, University of Copenhagen.
  • Centre for Cross-disciplinary Evaluation Studies in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, CCESCAM, University of Southern Denmark.
  • Other projects